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Bubbas TV Rewards

Introducing Bubbas Television's Reward System

Bubbas TV Rewards is an entirely new way to enjoy content on Bubbas TV's website. This newly added program provides you with the opportunity of winning character wallpapers, character posters, access to exclusive titles not available to stream for free, and an Amazon gift card! 

Becoming a Bubbas TV reward user is simple and easy! The only requirement is having an active Bubbas TV account. 

(Active account is defined as an account being used on a 1-2 weekly basis). 

How do you earn? On top of every Bubbas TV channel, will be a button. To earn points, you will need to watch any select title. Titles can be worth anything from 5 to 15 points. You will find out the number of points you have earned by filling out the document that is linked via the button. 

The reward program will be launching soon!

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